Conversation’s from TrumpLand

As friends, we often meet for breakfast. We’ve enjoyed many wonderful discussions about numerous and various things. Recently our breakfast conversation turned to the oft taboo subject of Racism and White Privilege.

He stated without hesitation, and I agreed: Black People, Latino’s, Latina’s, Hispanics, Asians, Homosexuals, Mentally ill, and the Handicapped; none of them chose to be born that way. Nature did it to them.

“Oppression just for being born! That is mean, prejudicial, discriminatory, and just plain wrong!” He ranted. “No! It’s Evil to hold someone’s very birth right against them! Who would do that? Only an ignorant racist prejudiced asshole!”

“Absolutely, you nailed it.” I replied, “How could anyone disagree with that?” Not surprisingly at all, we didn’t agree for long. He always has more to say.

“There’s only one kind of Racist in America, and that’s White People.” He went on, “I saw a video the youtube that explains at all. It’s impossible for other races to be racist. Only you White people have the Systemic and Social Advantages of being White. Except you,” He continued, “the straight white male, that kind of  whiteness makes the worst kind of racist.”

“Oh Really?” I inquired, “Where’s that video from do you know who made it?

“Man, Everybody knows.” He explained, “It’s all over the Media, hell man…thousands of College campus’ are teaching it all over the country.  The Straight White Male exploits his Privilege to far.”

That explains why the cable TVs shut off, my phone bills behind and ate that bowl of Ramen for dinner? I thought as I asked, “Please pass the salt?”  Nodding toward the shaker on his side of the table. You’d think he’d said enough, but he wasn’t done.

Handing me the shaker of salt, He said; “No other human – ONLY YOU GUYS – You’re all such dickheads.” I was eating and nodding but thinking, look who you’re talking to! You know me. I am nothing like that!  You’re so full of it, you don’t see yourself at all. “Are you being ridiculous or …”

He cut me off and with a stone cold serious look on face, looked me dead in the eye and said, “You could have chosen to be born Gay, or Black, or Hispanic or some other minority. But NO…, you RAPED your own poor Mother’s ovaries impregnating her and forcing her to birth another Straight White Male into the world.”

I could have punched him! But, like many soldiers with an ex-wife, I’m a graduate of 100 hours of government-approved Anger Management Training. So I just focussed on my breathing. Inhale deeply through the nose out exhale fully out through the mouth.

He just kept yapping, “No one else in history has treated their mothers in this way. The White Male hatred and bigotry is clear! They’re all vile and ought to be held accountable.”

Taking a deep breath I said; “I hear what you are saying and I don’t appreciate, alright. Please don’t say another word about my Mom. That’s a pretty twisted perspective you’ve got.” With a smile I insisted, “And the choice you say I had, to be born this way… White male and not gay. That was God’s, not mine. But I am glad he didn’t make me a fag though.”

“Stop deflecting.” My friend said, “I am not talking about you. I’m talking about the advantages of being born a straight white male. Some people do exploit it! And that is inconsiderate.” He continued, “The rest of the world is struggling and they have no choice. Only you guys. You could still choose to be gay.”

“Wait a minute.” I calmly injected, “Didn’t you just tell me that gay people are born that way, without fault of their own? How can I choose to be born over again? It’s too late. I am already born.”

“You can’t be born again, but you can decide to be gay and be reborn.” He smirked, “If you weren’t such jerk.”  For a second I felt like such a fool having another breakfast with him.



Between you and me, dear Reader. I’ve known for some time that my friend can’t hear me. He can’t hear anything that doesn’t confirm his preconceived notions. But to set the record straight; I always thought he believed what he was saying. Sadly, after this breakfast, it’s obvious that he doesn’t hear or listen to himself.

I think his behavior very much resembles hypocrisy and racism. But what do I know? Maybe I’m the hypocrite? After all, he was paying for breakfast. Thankfully we moved on to other subjects. I mostly ate, just nodding my head now and again, until the meal was through and we said goodbye.

Thanks for reading A Political DJ

edit 7/23/2017


2 thoughts on “Conversation’s from TrumpLand

  1. Well written. Why did you put up with it? No friend would ever say that to another. I remember my mother bad mouthing Mexicans one day and I got angry and said, “Mum, Carlos (my Mexican husband) is standing right there!” She immediately responded, “Well, he should know I wasn’t talking about him.” And I walked out. The truest form of bigotry is one that you say is not directed at YOU! Are you still friends with this person?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for offering your feedback. I really appreciate it. In this story, I do take advantage of artistic license.

      My wife is Thai. I’ve had experiences like yours with your mom. I am often truly amazed by how little people listen to what they themselves are saying.

      My friends have not changed and we do have breakfast together from time to time. Though lately, I have frequently overslept.

      Thanks again for taking the to read and make comment. 🙂


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