Honor The Fallen

You may not know it to look at me, but I do like the rain. Sometimes I go outside and stand in it, well mostly just stand. Once in awhile, when it’s raining I’ll lay down in the wet grass and dirt which is my yard; and roll around a bit.
11C Indirect Fire Infantryman – AKA Mortar Magots
My wife thinks I am crazy doing that. Just laying there on the wet ground. The last time she came outside, laughing at me she said, “You’re such a dope.”
I said, “Hey it reminds me of my days in the Infantry. Kind of reminds me of being young and dumb. You remember that Guy you fell in Love with and married?” Then reaching up to her I pleaded, “Would you please stop talking and help me up?”

Duty Honor Country – God Family Work

On a more serious note. The quality of one’s integrity and commitment, the inner passion, and dedication; must persist Always. And most certainly when the weather is rough.
As American’s we ought to remember, with pride gratitude, and remorse;  those who made our freedom possible. And we will not, American’s that is – let those trying to end our way of life, our Constitution sovereignty, and freedom do so without great hardship, hopefully ever.
Some reader, having just read that, will instinctively have already considered commenting with some sort of insult or slander of the military and America.
To those readers. “Let me be Clear” to quote the one you worship so, “Here is what we know.” – Anyone who would do that, Is not a red blooded America.
I don’t care what the papers say.
Thanks for Reading A Political Dj
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