Sunset On The InletHello, thank you for taking the time to check out A Political DJ blog.  Leave me a question in the comments. I will respond, um probably. Sometimes, well surely you know life happens.

Everyone travels through life on an individually unique path. Even when two people see the same thing, at the same time, the will not have identical perceptions.

My road has included 12 years of Military Service. Over two decades of Self-employment as a Mobile Bar, Club, and Event DJ MC and Show Host.  Also until an injury prevented it, operated a successful Mom & Pop business for about 7 years with the love of my life. I’ve splurged and saved and gambled, earned won and lost.

As to “jobs:” I was a Medic for 8 years, and Mortar Man for 3 and Airborne.  Yes I jumoed out planes. I also delivered pizza, baked donuts,  sold cars now and again,  taught at a business college, managed a nightclub, changed oil, and washed dishes. Sold Life and Health Insurance – A State licensed professional. And I am currently, though inactive,  a Licensed Realtor. And long ago I even ran for a seat in a State Congress. I Lost.

I’ve read John Milton, Glenn Beck, Dale Carnegie, Kurt Vonnegut, Dickens, Bradbury, Emerson, Hemingway, Orwell, Steinbeck… who can name them all? There are many others. In my day, reading was fundamental, and I enjoy it.

For what it’s worth. My motive for blogging is not complex. Right now I’m a bum with too much time on my hands and a compelling desire to be heard. And, a little delusion that somehow my writings could matter in these final days. Enough said on all that, for now.

Thanks for visiting A Political DJ

Luke 23:34


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