Patriots in Trumpland

Carefully choosing my words. Because words are controversial weapons to be invoked with caution. Especially on the 21st-century battlefield of Truth and Social Media. Fearing my words might possibly be those simply of a parrot. I signed up and began blogging on 
I am an American. A Patriot, fat old and out shape but a Patriot none the less. I still uphold my duty and swore oath too if the time ever comes.
And it has. I must do something. Somebody once said; the pen is mightier than the sword. For now, I’ll do my part with words.
It’s early, most people haven’t even realized what they’ve feared,  is already ongoing. The fighting is heavy and Anti-American. Filled with hatred, insults and ignorant childish ridiculous name calling.
They Resist truth at every opportunity and embrace only what they are told. They attack and get put down.  
Like Whack-a-Moles they just keep popping back up.


Trump hate is one thing. But that is not what’s happening. Sedition is a serious an awful thing. People will say it’s free speech, and it is. But it’s also Seditious and you’ve been caught on video, in prints and digitally all over social media. 
“For those who do not know. One great value which history provides us is an opportunity to not repeat the same mistake twice.” – Unknown 
SO what, they never prosecuted sedition in 200 years. Who cares? Does that make contemporary Sedition less Anti-American?
We cannot let the mistakes of history prompt, us to repeat the mistakes of history. Sedition is a crime, and its currently ripping at the fabric of America. It’s destroying us from within.
If you want to see the hatred and the Sedition first hand. Look in the comments and reply’s to a Trump Tweet, WhiteHouse Posting or any official release.
I won’t name names but you know who you are. But there are people out here like me.
Sharing and liking and spreading the news and information we come across. That stuff you know other’s MUST become aware of and know.  
I’m pretty sure you’re out there.
Do we make any difference or are we adding fuel to the fire? Or are we just fooling ourselves?
Bidding time until we die, or something we are freely doing, sharing the news; becomes criminal. I am requesting some sort of dialogue with a reader.
Thank you for reading Political DJ

$100 Words And Blow



Charles Blow on Wikipedia

I recently read a Charles Blow opinion piece published in the New York Times. His skill with a thesaurus was quite obvious. But for all the $100 words a comprehensible message absconded detection.


Amazingly Blow’s highly paid to spew confusion and his credentials display impeccably on Wikipedia.

To be a writer of political opinion and commentary. Worthy to be published in the newspapers. Shaping and informing opinion. Getting that money, that fame, that recognition. How does one become an opinion maker in the big apple?

Internet rumors suggest affiliations with a government alphabet agency is quite helpful for the up and coming and the icons. Whatever the requirements, Charles Blow’s writing prowess indicates clearly;  written communication skills are not too important.

All swallowing pride aside – not withstanding the privilege of magna cum laude and degrees in mass communication – How does one who communicates so poorly with the written word, prove worthy of being a voice in the New York Times? Could it be, perhaps, the editors convinced themselves Mr. Blow is just wicked smarter to explain away any perceptions of his opinions resembling nonsensical dribble?

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